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m2 SSD acceptedattach_img New Other Mookie_CR 4 day(s) ago 5326 Support-03 1 hour(s) ago
U59 BIOS/Firmware update新人帖 attach_img  ...23 EQ Series furstt 2022-10-13 216979 Dede 3 hour(s) ago
SER7 usb still powered after shutdown新人帖 New SER Series newbeelinkUser 4 hour(s) ago 037 newbeelinkUser 4 hour(s) ago
SER5 Fan Keeps Running新人帖 New SER Series obaida Yesterday 12:08 2131 obaida 6 hour(s) ago
Ser5 Max not fully booting up新人帖 attach_img New SER Series someguy 6 hour(s) ago 056 someguy 6 hour(s) ago
Request: Win11 Pro Activation Key新人帖 attach_img New EQ Series leefc 6 hour(s) ago 053 leefc 6 hour(s) ago
Drivers for Mini S Win 11 Pro新人帖 New EQ Series bescast The day before yesterday 22:41 1166 tuiguang11@azw- Yesterday 17:14
EQ12 N100 HDMI dummy plug新人帖 New EQ Series Akusho 3 day(s) ago 2217 tuiguang11@azw- Yesterday 17:14
Beelink Ser5 Max USB-C problem新人帖 New SER Series omare777 3 day(s) ago 1243 rociral Yesterday 17:13
Winwdows key and drivers新人帖 attach_img New SER Series Gerael Yesterday 06:20 1185 tuiguang6 Yesterday 15:52
Latest BIOS SER7 7840HS新人帖 attach_img  ...234 SER Series NTT 2023-12-18 396664 tuiguang6 Yesterday 15:47
GTR7 Pro 96 GB RAM Upgrade crash新人帖 attach_img GTR Series bignay2000 2024-05-05 9714 tuiguang13 Yesterday 15:44
SER7 Windows Key pleaseattach_img New SER Series medi0202 Yesterday 14:33 1128 tuiguang10 Yesterday 15:27
SSD performance issue on new SER 5新人帖 attach_img New SER Series siltronic 6 day(s) ago 7555 tuiguang4 Yesterday 15:24
Windows 11 drivers and key新人帖 attach_img New SER Series northwood 5 day(s) ago 5489 tuiguang4 Yesterday 15:10
No 4K @60Hz新人帖 attach_img GTI Series nicks 2021-07-15 42078 justinbieber Yesterday 14:52
S12 pro bios thermal configuration新人帖 New Other Alakazou911 The day before yesterday 21:14 1153 Support-03 Yesterday 12:05
Beelink S12 Mini Reinstall新人帖 attach_img New Other vcooper Yesterday 09:47 1140 Support-03 Yesterday 10:37
Persistent Crashes - SER 5 5700新人帖 SER Series Mongs 2024-02-19 3578 tuiguang6 The day before yesterday 16:33
Beelink SER5 5800h adapter powerNew SER Series servit00 The day before yesterday 14:27 1201 tuiguang6 The day before yesterday 16:26
beelink GTR-7 7840HS trouble with type-c ports新人帖 attach_img  ...2 GTR Series neruer 2024-06-23 13799 tuiguang13 The day before yesterday 15:59
Win11 on SER7 keep rebooting intermittently新人帖 New SER Series zhaozyuny 4 day(s) ago 1311 tuiguang4 The day before yesterday 15:57
GTR5 Speed/Gen USB Type-C in Frontattach_img GTR Series Xarsage 7 day(s) ago 5305 tuiguang13 The day before yesterday 15:55
BIOS for beelink secure boot not being active新人帖 New SER Series needhelp123 6 day(s) ago 4572 tuiguang4 The day before yesterday 15:46
beelink ser5 restarts itselfNew SER Series servit00 3 day(s) ago 1243 tuiguang4 The day before yesterday 15:41
SER3 Windows license key for reinstallation and activation新人帖 attach_img New SER Series teensee2k 4 day(s) ago 1250 tuiguang10 The day before yesterday 14:10
GK35 BIOS needed新人帖 attach_img GK Series PericoMartin 2024-06-17 3287 Support-03 The day before yesterday 14:08
SER3 Windows license key for reinstallation & activation新人帖 attach_img New SER Series teensee2k 4 day(s) ago 1247 tuiguang10 The day before yesterday 14:04
Ser6-p Multimedia controller driver新人帖 New SER Series frogen 4 day(s) ago 1270 tuiguang10 The day before yesterday 14:02
Need Windows 11 Pro product key新人帖 attach_img  ...23 SER Series vivekp 2022-12-01 267337 tuiguang10 The day before yesterday 14:00
SER7 Linux BIOS ERROR新人帖  ...2 SER Series Shiki 2024-06-23 101031 deepimpact The day before yesterday 10:23
Turned off Beelink SEi14 gets very warm新人帖 New SEI Series kalypso007 6 day(s) ago 5235 Support-03 The day before yesterday 10:21
Need driver for a SEi-12-1A-32500v新人帖 attach_img New SEI Series engled The day before yesterday 02:51 1180 Support-03 The day before yesterday 10:16
Mini S12 Pro - Back Usb Problem新人帖 Other RicVult 2024-04-15 3453 Support-03 The day before yesterday 10:11
Windows 11 key (ser7)新人帖 attach_img New Other geworin 4 day(s) ago 3292 Support-03 The day before yesterday 10:10
U59 with a termal problem新人帖 attach_img  ...23 Other alexander77 2024-07-02 201253 Support-03 The day before yesterday 10:06
Need WIN 11 Pro Key for Beelink s12 Mini Pro新人帖 attach_img New Other zdenko33 5 day(s) ago 1273 Support-03 4 day(s) ago
Replace NVME 500GB to 1TB新人帖 New Other Mookie_CR 5 day(s) ago 1271 Support-03 4 day(s) ago
Drivers for mini S12 ProNew Other bowlingbeeg 5 day(s) ago 1256 Support-03 4 day(s) ago
BT4 WOL?attach_img  ...23 Other rbenavente 2021-07-19 2110272 Support-03 4 day(s) ago
Beelink GTI i5-8260U driversattach_img GTI Series useruz 2023-11-13 5939 Support-03 4 day(s) ago
Windows 11 Keys新人帖 New SER Series Darkstar-MN 5 day(s) ago 1291 tuiguang10 4 day(s) ago
Need windows11 pro activation key新人帖 attach_img SER Series JohnPark 2024-07-08 5811 tuiguang10 4 day(s) ago
Mini S Auto Power On新人帖 attach_img Other ex0de 2022-10-26 85864 yupbeelink 5 day(s) ago
GT-R 5 3500H BIOS Update to V009新人帖 New GTR Series suo_marte 7 day(s) ago 3279 tuiguang13 5 day(s) ago
S12 Pro - Problems with Linux solved新人帖  ...23 Other ItsMe57 2023-08-19 203821 Support-03 5 day(s) ago
EGpu in SER6.新人帖 New SER Series Ant0ni0 7 day(s) ago 1338 tuiguang6 6 day(s) ago
AMD DRIVER FIX FOR SER5新人帖 New SER Series Cruzejer123 6 day(s) ago 1341 tuiguang10 6 day(s) ago
GTR7 AMD Driver timeout新人帖 attach_img GTR Series anf 2024-07-01 6610 tuiguang13 6 day(s) ago
AMD Ryzen 7 3750H random resets - BIOS update?新人帖 SER Series ArthurFleck 2024-07-15 3525 tuiguang4 6 day(s) ago
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