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Delicate Android TV BOX ——A1

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Delicate Android TV BOX ——A1

Every ordinary small part needs to go through the fine process on a product , so does the A1 .

Many important factors should be taken into consideration . we must think of the material ,  size ,  perfomance , cost , etc.  also , its structure could be essential .

So , let me introduce the amazing Beelink A1 to you , you can know it better from its inner materials and external looks .

First , a charming look can impress people a lot . therefore , we apply the special materials to the cover of A1 . and it’s  known to all is that there are many kinds of plastic materials in market . such as ABS,PP、PC .

You may be curious about its shape and want to know how they can be shaped into what we want .now , the mold can be the main role in this topic .a mold can be usually divided into two parts , they are pro-moiety , back part .Only by being heated and melted with the help of injection machine can you shape a pattern with high pressure .

On the one hand , the dwell time and the cooling time are both matters , which need to be appropriate enough to make a good - quality mold .On the other hand ,the product thickness , temperature and the material play important roles in this issues .
You won’t get a eligible product unless you control the time well . short time can’t make a product in a fine shape and long time will ruin it also .
Now , it’s time to talk about the cooling ways . as you know , Beelink products have a special passion on aluminum cooling . Why don’t we use a mini fan ? This old cooling way has been unfashionable since we think it’s too noisy . What’s more , the mainboard can be covered with many dusts and then get overheated , which often leds to a destruction nightmare , and the A1 is so small that the mini fan isn’t a good choice .
But , what about other metallic materials ?

Now , coefficient of heat conductivity , quality , life span , cost and other vital elements should be remenbered well . We have thinked twice and the aluminum could be the best material to cooling since it can be light , everlasting and cheap .
( PS : The thermal conductivity of some metal materials like gold, silver, copper keep on 330~360 and the aluminum’s can be 200 . They are all  good conductors of heat .The thermal conductivity of copper is two times as big as aluminum’s , but the thermal resistance will be the same if the copper is doubled in thickness. And what matters much in aluminum cooling is the air convection in a large area , so singer layer aluminum plus gum material could be better .)

Heat conducting silica gel : It can contribute to cooling also by lessening the heat of CPU .

Next , let us start a topic about the mainboard .We all know that the mainboard should be small enough to be held inside for making such a lovely

Android tv box. Now you can imagine that how difficult we make a Android tv box in 77*77*17 (mm).On the other hand , Beelink team do it well because that we have young members and partners who are always working hard ,innovative and patient .How wonderful !

last but not least , the cover can be a attractive topic for everyone . the front cover is designed in white and covered with the new Beelink logo . the back cover is orange , where you can see some specifications .

We prepare many ports to make it’s available for you to use  . ( 1 USB 2.0 + 1 USB 3.0 + TF card port + AV hole +RJ45 + HDMI + power port)
All in all , a brilliant product can be shown to people takes much time and energy .

Popular demands , making a analysis and cost should be keep in mind to make a content A1 . a good look may have been thinked many times before showing to others .

So congratulations to A1 , congratulations Beelink !


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